What Can Motion Detectors Do For Me?

One of the essential components of a security system is the motion detector. Motion detectors detect any movement in areas covered by that particular device. The motion detector, when active allows you determine movement in large areas of the home.

The most common type of motion sensor used is the passive infrared sensor or PIR. This sensor is less expensive and is highly sensitive to moving infrared sources while offering increased immunity to false alarm sources.

Another type of motion sensor uses microwave technology. Microwave sees thru doors and walls with ultra sonic frequency shifts and any disruption in the field of movement will activate the alarm. To prevent false alarms, microwave technology can not be used alone. However when paired with PIR sensors, you get the best of both worlds.

Better motion sensors use a combination of these features to improve their reliability. These dual technology sensors are popular, as they greatly reduce false alarms by combining the penetration capabilities of microwaves, and the heat sensing properties of infrared. Any quality motion sensing device can have its sensitivity adjusted by your installer.