Why Should I Have a Monitored Security System?

Your security system can not only monitor your home for intrusion but also let you know if your sump pump quits, or if your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector goes off. When your security system is monitored by a central monitoring station, it will alert the appropriate authorities based on the type of emergency. If there is a break-in or disturbance it will notify the police, if your smoke alarm goes off, it will call the fire department.

When monitored security systems are set off, the central station will call the phone number connected with the alarm and ask for a passcode to confirm the person belongs there. If they don't hear the right passcode, or if they get no answer, they will immediately send authorities to the scene. The central station may also contact the designated keyholder - someone who's responsible for determining if there's been a break-in.

A professionally monitored security systems can provide peace of mind for you and may reduce your home owners insurance cost. You would need to check with your insurance carrier to learn what your savings would be.